Tricky Treats Objective

Tricky Treat Levels are the most common type of level in Kitty Pawp. The first Tricky Treat Level is introduced on Level 1 in the Grassy Fields world.

Objective Edit

The goal in Tricky Treat Levels is to collect all of the fish trapped in their bowls. Fish can either be dropped or matched with two other bubbles of the same color. (Tip: You earn more points for matching a fish, rather than dropping one.)

Players are given a limited amount of bubbles to complete the level. The top right corner displays how many fish you need to win. Remember, you don't need to pop all of the bubbles for Tricky Treat Levels, just collect the fish!

Tutorial Edit

The tutorial on Level 2 teaches you how to complete Tricky Treat Levels:

Main Tutorial
Level 2 - Main Tutorial

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